Open Letter to Jason Wade Taylor from Conservative Charles Stutesman

I felt that this open letter, to Convicted Felon – Jason Wade Taylor with regards to Taylor’s blatant attacks on Conservatives, by Charles Stutesman warranted a better opportunity to be read by as many folks as possible. It is being reprinted here with Mr. Stutesman’s authorization. Follow Charles @CharlieStutes on Twitter

Well I guess now I’ve done it. I have become a target of a blog. Jason Wade Taylor, aka @QuagmireAmerica, has chosen to include me with a group of users that apparently don’t like him or his shtick. To be clear I am not a sock, puppet, or what other “fake” label you want to hang on me. There is this neat feature on the internet called Google. Go to my twitter bio my name really is Charles Stutesman, like the bio says, I am the Mayor of Valley Falls, Ks, and yes that is me in the avi picture. I have no problem with those that use pseudonyms or avi that is not themselves. The amount of personal information a user wants to divulge is their choice. What I do care about is; no matter what, I portray myself as who I really am. One thing that I really am is a loyal friend. I will stand beside those that show me the same respect in return. Another thing I am is intolerant. Lash out at one of my twitter faves in a crude, malicious, or lying way and I will step into a fray, or create one if necessary. Have I attacked a user on twitter? Yes. Have I been the targeted for attacks? Yes. The one thing that you will not see in my timeline is my use of political views as the start to an attack. Before you go all haywire Mr. Taylor my questioning you on your support of Condoleezza Rice is not an attack. It is a legitimate concern to question a self-described “Militant” Pro-Lifer. Any other comment directed to you are purely based on my opinion of your character. This applies to all who come onto my timeline to talk smack. There are certain users that I don’t like and will seize the opportunity to question their character. These folks know who they are. Spend some time looking at my timeline and it is not hard to figure out why. Once again it has nothing to do with politics it has to do with my opinion of their character. Lumping me in with a group that you accuse of being operatives trying to undermine the conservative cause is irresponsible. You don’t know anything about me. What I will tell you is that I have an authentic political campaign resume that will make most “twitter conservatives” cry with envy. My resume did not nor will come from retweeting internet stories or incessantly blabbering my opinions on social media. It comes from being in the trenches as a volunteer for every candidate that supports the conservative movement over the past 20 years. It comes from walking door-to-door. It comes from being asked to work the most liberal city in Kansas to solicit votes for conservative candidates. It comes from knowing the candidates, their stances and their character. I find it completely laughable that when someone disagrees with Mr. Taylor, he automatically accuses them of being a lib. or lib. operative. NEWSFLASH: Just because you are or claim to be a conservative does not mean you aren’t a douchebag. I know plenty of conservatives who I dislike personally. The others mentioned in Mr. Taylors blog I won’t deny interacting with nor enjoying the interactions. @_AmansPatriae has answered a lot of questions for me regarding twitter users. We have shown each other personal respect and watch each other’s back out of that respect. We don’t call each other into frays, but we backup one another if we are there. @CaliAzona and I have followed each other since shortly after I got onto twitter. I find her pleasant, funny, and a great conversation. @PolitixFireball is another mutual follower but haven’t interacted with in months. @GergSweatsAlot and @GergsPiggyBank I find absolutely hilarious. These are parody accounts aimed at Greg Howard. I love the accounts. @WMDOwl and I have mutually followed each other for a while with some interaction. Most of that interaction centers around exposing Howard and ChristiChat for their counterfeit character. @TCC_Grouchy is a fellow sock masher. @RebekahStevens appears to be PolitixFireball according to Taylor and I have already addressed. I have no idea who or what @AlohaHoni is other than it appears to be a pothead account. Not my thing. Definitely don’t include me in any group with this user. There is more that I could address from this blog. I will reserve the right to revisit it later. I will address one more point. Mr. Taylor has accused this group of users as secret lib operatives inciting red on red attacks. I will only speak for myself, I may be a lot of things but a lib or RINO is not one of them. I am who I say that I am and will express my opinion as I see fit. I do have a question for you Mr. Taylor. On your first Quagmire America Radio show you stated that if we know about 40 puppet accounts there were probably 400 that we didn’t know about, so “Who is Real? If any on cares about what I am yammering about or what Mr. Taylor has to say, scroll down to the 4/18/14 blog at this link:

What’s Going On With The #SisterPatriots And Jason Wade Taylor? Re-Post

So many people are asking for information about #sisterpatriots …With Jeff’s permission we have re-posted his article from Thank you and follow Jeff @iResistAll, Pat Dollard @patdollard  and us at our new Twitter home @OriginalistsSpk.

By Jeff Rainforth aka iResistAll on Twitter:

Edit: I’m moving the end of the article to the beginning as some aren’t reading all of the way through. This article is in no way a condemnation of the majority of those in the Sister Patriots. It’s aimed at a few who some claim are using the group to silence other conservatives on Twitter. The majority of those in the Sister Patriots do excellent work for the conservative cause. This article is not about them.


I know several women who are members of the Sister Patriots. Some even write for the Wayne Dupree Show, which I write for also. They are great conservatives who would never be involved in these types of campaigns to silence fellow conservatives.

What it looks like we have here is some kind of vendetta, or revenge plot by a few, notably Jason Wade Taylor/Hahn, Greg Howard aka@PaulReverePress(?) @ChristiChat, and @LindaSuhler against the vets of #ORPUW. Why? Who knows. I can think of a lot of better things to do with one’s time than organizing spam block/suspension campaigns against conservatives and military veterans though. Volunteer on a campaign maybe? Organize a protest against Obamacare or the IRS? Anything but this.

There are a lot of great women in the Sister Patriots. Perhaps it’s time they cleaned up the group, and got rid of those causing dissension in conservative circles. I think Breitbart would agree.


Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about a Twitter group that goes by the hashtag #SisterPatriots. Normally I don’t pay attention to hashtag groups that make a splash, but, this one appears to be getting some negative reviews. Allegations that the group is attacking military veterans, is being led by an alleged white supremacist, and that it’s a “spam block” club abound.

Members of the Twitter group #ORPUW (mostly elderly military veterans from what I’ve been told) frequently complain about being targeted for spam blocks/suspensions by the Sister Patriots. South Carolina attorneyTodd Kincannon has been Tweeting that the Sisters are led by alleged racist Jason Wade Taylor, aka Randy Hahn, aka @RagingFarRight, aka @FarRightOfLeft, who is working with Greg Howard (@PaulReverePress?). Greg comes in later, but here’s a little flashback of an exchange he had with Andrew Breitbart.

brietbard calls greg howard a dick

Back to Jason Wade Taylor, aka Randy Hahn. Hahn is probably best known for his internet radio show where he had George Zimmerman’s brother,Robert Zimmerman on. After the interview was over, Randy was recorded saying “That n-gger deserved to be killed.” Robert Zimmerman cut all ties with Randy after the public backlash that followed.

Randy has been known to boast of having hundreds of Twitter accounts with which he spams his enemies. In one incident, Randy used those accounts to falsely accuse conservative activist Michael Van Der Wal, aka@_AmansPatriae, of being a convicted sex offender.

randy hahn - molester

There are also allegations of a partnership between Randy (@RagingFarRight in the pic below) and Twitter user/Sister Patriot member @ChristiChat to orchestrate spam block/suspension attacks on conservative activists and military veterans.

randy hahn christichat crop

One real shocker are the spam blocks called for against well known conservative activist “@PolitiBunny.” An apparent affiliate of the Sister Patriots who went by the screen name @shazpol (who many say is Jason Taylor/Randy Hahn himself) was attacking her, trying to get her suspended.

Many believe @Shazpol is actually Taylor/Hahn himself, and many who have been targeted by him note his relationship with Sister Patriot member @LindaSuhler

Jason Taylor was arrested for felony theft in 2008. Former Breitbart journalist Lee Stranahan wrote about it after leftist Neal Rauhauser posted a mugshot (which was obtained by Stranahan’s friend). Lee’s article ishere.

Jason_Taylor randy hahn mugshot

And this is where Taylor’s/Hahn’s friend Greg Howard aka@PaulReverePress(?) comes in. In the Tweet below, Greg talks about the founder of #ORPUW, Ronald Bush, being suspended, apparently by his/Taylor’s group & the Sister Patriots?

greg howard spam blocks orpuw founder crop

With that said, here are some screenshots so you can get an idea of what people are saying about the group.

sister patriots unfollow crop

Some of @shazpol’s (Taylor’s/Hahn’s) Tweets.

sister patriots crop

Of course, then there’s the apparent “catfish” account of Sister Patriot member, @LUZIANAGIRLUSA.


Whoever this is uses an old picture of actress Amy Adams, and of course, guys fall for it thinking it’s really her in the avi (which is why pics of models/actresses are used).

If you’re not familiar with the term “catfish,” it’s a person on the internet who uses pictures of models to lure men (or women) to them, and sometimes blackmail them for money or information. The left has been known to use this tactic to infiltrate conservative groups online. I’m not saying @LUZIANAGIRLUSA is a catfish, but, you can’t know who it is. It could be Taylor/Hahn for all anybody knows.
Or it could be someone who wants to make conservatives look bad by tying them to white supremacist groups.

I know several women who are members of the Sister Patriots. Some even write for the Wayne Dupree Show, which I write for also. They are great conservatives who would never be involved in these types of campaigns to silence fellow conservatives.

What it looks like we have here is some kind of vendetta, or revenge plot by a few, notably Jason Wade Taylor/Hahn, Greg Howard aka@PaulReverePress(?) @ChristiChat, and @LindaSuhler against the vets of #ORPUW. Why? Who knows. I can think of a lot of better things to do with one’s time than organizing spam block/suspension campaigns against conservatives and military veterans though. Volunteer on a campaign maybe? Organize a protest against Obamacare or the IRS? Anything but this.

There are a lot of great women in the Sister Patriots. Perhaps it’s time they cleaned up the group, and got rid of those causing dissension in conservative circles. I think Breitbart would agree.

Further reading: VoicingMyPersonalOpinion


me gym garage crop editJeff Rainforth, aka iResistAll on Twitter, is chairman emeritus of Ross Perot’s Reform Party of California, former candidate for governor, and a & Wayne Dupree Show contributor.

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Arapahoe School Shooting; the Mainstream Media Fail

Hmm.. The Arapahoe school shooting was sure buried in a hurry. Gee, I wonder why that could be? Maybe it contained the “trifecta + 1” of the anti liberal facts within the crime itself? Let us look at them.

1) The gun used was a pump action shotgun, bought the previous day by the shooter after a back ground check was performed. The 18 year old kid didn’t use an evil black “assault weapon” bought illegally at a gun show. Oops! Remember, Joe Biden loves shotguns but hates AR15’s. The liberal news media is after evil black guns, not shotguns, but they sure as heck mentioned “assault weapons” as much as humanly possible in their reporting.

2)The shooter was an avowed socialist/communist. Yep, no matter how much the Colorado Post tries to scrub that stain out of its news story, the kid was a genuine, dyed in the wool wannabe Stalin jr..The Democrats were praying to Obama, their lord and savior, that it was a Tea Bagger or the child of an NRA board member who committed this crime, but alas, it was not to be.

3) The whole shooting lasted only 80 seconds. Why? Because the Arapahoe school board listened to the evil NRA and posted an armed security guard inside the school. The unarmed teacher running away isn’t the plucky hero the liberal media would like you to believe he is. The hero is the armed guard who confronted and trapped the shooter. So, as a result, the little commie wannabe blew his own brains out rather than give the Tea Bagging, NRA loving security guard the pleasure. And this leads us to our final reason.

4) The body count was too low. There weren’t enough dead children for all of the Democrats and the anti-gun loons to stand on top of to shout out “We need more ineffective and unconstitutional gun laws and weapon bans to steal more of your rights and enforce tighter controls over you peons! We have to do it for the children, you heartless Conservatives and Tea Baggers clinging to your guns and religion!!!”

So, aside from the “page 7” survivor stories and small below the fold “another fact” articles, the story is effectively buried. It’s sad, because this shooting ended the way it was supposed to. With minimal loss of life and casualties, and another mentally deranged liberal shooter dead. As you can plainly see, this whole story was one big “SCREW YOU” to the liberal news media’s biased reporting.

Sean M.


UPDATE 3/6/14

A lot has happened since this post was originally written. #orpuw ejected the liars who were drawing fire on the group and peace has been made. I fully support what those folks are trying to do now that the snakes have started their own #SisterPatriots. They are drawing the same fire they did whilst in #orpuw. I won’t change the title retroactively, but the good folks did that which was right in my opinion. I refer to the Greg Howard supporters as #gerGbots. #gerGbots, by filing multiple reports against other conservatives, took out the man who started #orpuw …. @bush_ronald and his backups. All accounts were suspended for *overlapping* purposes. This was done by the #gerGbots… shame, a good man. Another victim of the Greg Howard report writing hit squad. I plan an update soon but I owe this to the people who stood tall!

UPDATE: 11/21 Greg Howard in @paulreverepress and @resisttyranny @chrisitchat is doubling down on his attacks as well as Jason Taylor @ragingfarright and his 40 plus sock accounts. We have NEW victims of their attacks… same thing, same tactics. Time to clean up #orpuw and disavow these people vehemently.

UPDATE: @BUSH_RONALD  is making threats now.

MORE #ORPUW  Attack accounts added

OK folks. I have been under a personal attack by #ORPUW OPERATIVE and #opSLAM founder, Greg W Howard @paulreverepress and his long time real life friend Jason Wade Taylor @RagingFarRight as well as  the person known as @christichat.  All are #ORPUW Ranking members – SGT’s…… #ORPUW stands for: Official Ronald Putter Upper Wither… I KID YOU NOT. Too many of that group like the little Nazi leader @bush_ronald long time friend of Howard and his lap dogs @FoundersGovt et al, are involved.  This little group of LARPing – Live Action Role Playing flashlight waving idiots are beyond the pale of stupidity and are an embarrassment to any real conservative. Anyone who does what this group does… condone the outright criminal libel, mass spam block for suspension of those who dare disagree with them…. and people; the idea that grown up Americans play some military covert ops games i.e. destruction of reputation on the internet is criminal.

Efforts are underway to expose every one these people for what they are. My advice is to clean up their act before we get to the next part.

Here are the names of over 40 (and growing ) of #ORPUW SGT Randy Hahn aka Jason Wade Taylor’s vile attack accounts. The list will be updated as he makes new ones.

1. @HostileRedneck

2. @WackoRabbit

3. @FuryFromAbove

4. @FuriousCatholic

5. @FoggyAmerican

6. @FarRightPsycho

7. @FarPraveOfLeve

8. @DarkBlackChoco

9. @Cruzing2016




























37. @ProLifeLegion


39. StormingRedneck




Censored Part Three: Not a Left vs Right Issue

Prelude: At the time of this posting MY account @_AmansPatriae has been suspended.

Herein lies the crux: Twitter blatantly violates its own Terms of Service.

Why can’t Twitter block a user from making new accounts?

IP blocking is generally ineffective at stopping unwanted behavior, and may falsely prevent legitimate users from accessing our service. IP addresses are commonly shared by numerous different users in a variety of locations, meaning that blocking a single IP may prevent a large number of unconnected users from logging into Twitter. In addition, IP addresses are easy to change and blocks can be easily circumvented by logging in from a different location, a third-party service, or one of many free websites or applications.

Over the past week there have been literally thousands of Conservatives suspended on Twitter. Is Twitter suspending entire IP blocks such as they did to me? So, what is the major discussion being controlled, directed and censored on Twitter? Why, the Government shutdown for one. Why is it from the moment the Government shut down October 1, 2013, conservatives began getting suspended. It is no secret of the left leaning tendencies of Twitter principles. Are all the suspensions censorship? I see accounts tweet 20 times and get suspended; come back and get suspended again. My account @am_just_michael was suspended over 40 times from the time it was created in April of 2012 and ALWAYS after a blog post.

What of the guiding of the way the discussion is perceived by the public or, for that matter; the main stream media. If the discussion *appears* to be one sided, does that influence the Congress? What about elections? When the media touts a candidate as leading in the polls, they tend to get greater leads after the reporting.  Let’s face it, most every media outlet reports on the trends on Twitter. When one side of the discussion has its voice limited and or censored, the entire perception of things is changed. Do those opposed to Obamacare lose their voice because of someone with their finger on the suspend button. Now I speak of Obamacare and the Government shutdown because that is the topic of the moment and it is those who speak out the loudest who tend to get suspended the quickest.

My Progressive friends: I want you to consider what would happen if the current folks at Twitter lose control of this behemoth with the IPO being considered. If you want to believe the meme, the money in this Country is with the right. What if Conservatives gain control and reverse the tactic to control the discussion of issues important to the left? This is not a right or left issue, it is an assault on the Constitutional Rights of every American who wants to be heard.

 Something I have learned over the past year is that most Americans truly love this country. You hear the hardliners from both sides call the others *traitors* *infiltrators*; hear it enough and you start to believe it; I don’t anymore. We all argue about the direction we should take and we all believe our position is the most correct.  I have come to appreciate the intent of those on the left. I am a Conservative. I am an Originalist. That said, I believe that Big Brother should stay out of people’s lives…period. Government should provide a military to protect our great Country from her enemies, protect our borders and protect the rights afforded every individual under our Constitution. The Founding Fathers created THE most impressive document ever conceived and written by man. The responsibility to provide for health, safety and welfare of it’s citizens is that of the State, not the Federal Government. Give to the churches or non-religious organizations if you want to help people. The government bureaucracies only make it more expensive and harder to implement. Bureaucrats screw everything up…everything. I say all this now to drive home the point that the purpose of this writing is to inform ALL Americans of a situation that is being abused and put our differences aside to address the matter. You can agree with me or disagree… but we MUST come together that we ALL have the right to express our political beliefs without censorship.

 I’m addressing the issues with Twitter as it is the unique situation we are finding ourselves in…instant opinion; instant news. Something hits the Twittersphere and people know about it before the media; uncensored, raw information and when we are suspended, we lose access to that instant information; we are censored. Are outside influences directing the actions of the Twitter Inc. officials? I have never given credence to the idea of coincidence. Therefore the mass suspensions of a certain block of people is highly disconcerting. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but something is going on here that just is not right.

 I have concentrated mainly on the loss of free speech but the loss of the ability to gain information is even more disconcerting to me. Again, I am using my own situation as an example. My suspended account had just hit 13 thousand followers when it was suspended. I had worked very hard to find great people to follow. I had made friends with many people from the left and right. I read articles that I would never have found without them. I gained information about so many different subjects… well you get the point. I lost all that…pfff… gone because of fools…a fool who complains about everyone and everything; a fool who worked to get me suspended 40 plus times and fools in a company who made it happen. I digress. Twitter is controlling the information… who puts it out there and who gets it. That is one big hammer Twitter Inc., has there. The idea that a handful of people can direct the flow of information to an entire country, almost seems the way of a science fiction futuristic world… People the future is now. Everyone who has experienced the censor button of Twitter needs to stand up and make your voice heard. As long as we allow these people to do what they do… they WILL do it.

Now, Twitter wants to be the information dissemination queens of the Country by launching *Twitter Alerts* : ….with the idea of disseminating crucial alerts around the world. Unfortunately, there is a fatal flaw to their plan: Twitter suspends so many people WHY would anyone want to rely on this convoluted organization to do anything that could affect their health and safety?

Twitter is gearing up for an IPO – Initial Public Offering – so they are coming up with all these nifty programs. The burning question: If Twitter can disenfranchise an entire block of people with a flick of the proverbial *IP Switch*, why should anyone trust this?  With literally thousands of Twitter users suspended every day, would you?

Corroborating Censorship: Epilogue to Censored Part Deux

During the spring & summer of 2013 I wasn’t tweeting regularly, taking care of personal matters, so I asked my blog partner, @Am_Just_Michael, to manage my main account and my backup; to follow back like minded people so they would not unfollow me. I would occasionally tweet so my account did not look inactive.

On August 16, 2013, for the first time ever…I was suspended. I hadn’t been tweeting for a week. Twitter said I was suspended for “targeted harassment and abuse” and they were considering permanently suspending my account if I continued this behavior.


GigiMessina, Aug 21 03:26 pm (PDT):


We have received a complaint from an individual that your account is in violation of the Twitter Rules (, specifically around our rules regarding targeted harassment and abuse.

You are free to continue operating your account so long as you discontinue this abusive behavior. Please be aware that continued abusive behavior may lead to your account being permanently suspended.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Twitter Trust & Safety

Because I hadn’t been tweeting I can only assume not tweeting is a TOS violation…but my blog partner as well as @Politixfireball, Twitter personnel and I…All know the reason for my suspensions were more nefarious; Twitter blocked @Am_Just_Michael’s IP address.

You’re probably wondering how @Politixfireball ended up as part of this fiasco. She had asked Michael to sign into some accounts she managed to view suspicious DMs. I have to get a little technical here. As many of you may be aware, there are Twitter APIs (Application Programming Interface) that sign into Twitter automatically, each time you open that application. Unless you delete an account from of that API, even if you do not actively go into that Twitter account, the API shows you are signed in from your IP address…but I digress. Think about this for a moment: Open your iPad at work; the API signs into Twitter using the employer’s WiFi; Twitter suspends the IP and your employer loses its Twitter Account. Do you lose your job? What of @PoltixFireball? PF has vaguely alluded to the possibility that she is the administrator of a number of accounts for political groups in New Mexico. For her own reasons she has chosen to remain anonymous. Now, she is threatened by opposition groups on a regular basis. IF her IP were to be banned and all accounts she manages, both personal and political, suspended at one time her anonymity would be jeopardized and subsequently her safety. Pretty serious ramifications… Michael was managing a number of accounts using an API that kept him signed into EVERY account. With analysis complete, he also stopped viewing @PolitixFireball’s accounts but because he hadn’t deleted the Twitter handles from that API; when Twitter blocked his IP address she lost those accounts, permanently in her case. I permanently lost @freeKimberlySez which I hadn’t tweeted on in months.

Now, Michael may be upset with both Twitter and the person that bragged about getting Twitter to ban his IP address but my anger is directed at Twitter and only Twitter. I equate it to blaming the other woman when it was really your husband that cheated on you. You can be angry at the other woman but your husband is the only one responsible to you.

Michael explained in his blog, the ramifications of Twitter banning IP addresses. The fact that purported conservatives are using Twitter to silence dissenting voices or other conservatives they simply don’t like is disturbing and beyond the pale. But when it comes down to brass tacks; Twitter is to blame. If Twitter employees had an issue with @Am_Just_Michael they should have addressed him directly, which they did not. What Twitter did was to get involved in a personal vendetta/Flame War; block an IP address which caused many people to fall victim. My concern, if Twitter has done this to Michael how many other people has Twitter targeted OR have areas been shutdown for differing political philosophies? The fact that Twitter can and does block IP addresses is scary for free speech. As Twitter goes public I’m certain we will be hearing more about these abuses.


Censored Part Deux

As promised, I want to address the social and political ramifications of Twitter’s recent actions visa vie blocking IP addresses.

Twitter has done this to me at least twice before and the same guy claimed credit for filing the complaint…three guesses…OK Greg Howard the whiner. This last time, Twitter suspended my blog partner’s account and her gulag account at the same time they hit my account; as well as the ones I managed. Funny, she has rarely tweeted for quite some time and had not for days before her accounts were suspended. Literally months on her backup. I had access to her accounts to occasionally help maintain it: To unfollow those who unfollowed her and follow interesting folks for her. I never tweeted from her accounts…ever; nor have I ever tweeted from the accounts I have managed. I have administered accounts for a number of people: `Friends, disabled, disabled veterans, retired, businesses, political and a couple people who have no idea how Twitter works but want to tweet. If I signed into it, it was suspended. Only her main account was returned…this was her first suspension ever. Her backup is still suspended and Twitter refuses to provide a reason, they simply ignore the appeals. This has been my experience on my account @am_just_michael. They give the auto response but close the tickets without responding.

So what’s the big deal? Let’s face it. Social media has become a major part of the political climate. No longer does the main stream media control the flow of information. More news is broken on Twitter than almost anywhere, so for Twitter to suspend a person’s IP address carries substantial ramifications beyond silencing one or two people.

 IP stands for Internet Protocol and is a unique number assigned to a service area. ISP is an Internet Service Provider such as AOL or Time Warner Cable. The IP address, though unique to the ISP is not unique to the user. Uniformed will maintain that an IP address is like a GPS beacon to your home. Based on the number of users in an area, those in a 25 mile radius could easily have the same IP address. When Twitter suspends every account using an IP address they could take out an entire block of people in any given part of the country. Does anyone believe that this would not or could not happen during a Presidential election gone unchecked? Regardless of one’s political leaning, this should be troubling to everyone who enjoys Free Speech in America. Everyone wants to have their voice heard when they have something to say; to be cut off because someone doesn’t like it is maddening. What about the innocent people in my area who were suspended because Howard whined about me mocking him. Think about the ramifications. Are these business practices acceptable?

 Firstly, Twitter is not my life and unlike #Jarhead, I will choose employment over Twitter without a second thought. However, I enjoy the relationships with the people I have met on Twitter. Awesome individuals I would never have known about without it. Let’s face it the people who developed this idea had a great one. That said Twitter employees are also a bunch of little Nazis… (I don’t use that term lightly) My crime? To defend myself and others from attacks. Look at the people you know who have been suspended ad nauseum. Are they the worst of the worst? Any of them tweet out pictures of dead Americans? How about pedophiles who never seem to get suspended? How many will spam others with full frontal nudity? Do the #HowardsCowards who tweet pictures of mutilated genitals into your time line get suspended? I can give you names of his allies who do it. How does a guy who violates TOS every day such as Howard NOT get suspended? Someone on the inside? Blackmail photos of a CEO? All right, I could not resist that one. I kid…really Dick, I kid.

 Twitter relies on the fact that they are indeed a private company and can suspend anyone for any reason or no reason at all. Can they really do this legally? Does opening up a *public forum* with literally millions of users negate their *right* to censor? How many tax breaks does Twitter get? Who takes these decisions? You cannot speak with a live human being; they have no operator just a recording. A search of  Twitter’s Articles of Incorporation show they are a Delaware Corporation doing business in San Francisco. Registered Agent: Evan Williams in Los Angeles.  One of the interesting things I found was that they use their recording as the contact number in their filings; pretty sure that one is a No-No right there. In my experience, every corporation is required to have a contact number where you can actually speak with a human being. They don’t even publish a business email address.

I have personally dealt with Walter H Campbell from Twitter. This person refuses to discuss his reasons for suspensions. So is he the end all and final decision? OR, does he answer to someone else with him as the front guy. Does he actually exist or a made up name? How about GiGi Messina, Twitter Support and Safety Team? Those of you familiar with Donna Messina should give pause. Is Walter H Campbell the one who skirts due diligence by suspending an IP address? This man’s name comes up in all kinds of situations and ALWAYS he ends up siding with the #HowardsCowards #opslam-ers. Multiple complaints filed against Howard and Donna Messina AKA @kathleensweets go past Campbell’s screen yet she remains. Campbell will say ‘we are investigating this’ but never does anything. Campbell permanently suspended my backup account for *Overlapping Uses*. So with this interpretation of the Twitter TOS, any person who has a backup account is subject to a permanent suspension of both accounts.

 So what happens if Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo decides to use this little IP suspension trick during an election period. Scenario:

In a Senate race; it is a tight race that could go either way. Twitter officials decide they want to see a certain party win. Let us say, a faux pas is committed by the Twitter supported candidate. They decide to suspend everyone in a *targeted* 25 mile radius via the IP address to prevent discussion. Accounts are reinstated once the discussion is over. So is this unheard of? What of the main stream media and Benghazi? For purposes of this scenario, it matters little what side you come down on any part of this tragedy. The point is: the main stream media refused to report the facts and directed the discussion away from it. They set the discussion…they set the tone. In the Zimmerman/Martin tragedy the main stream media actually altered the 911 tapes i.e. NBC News. Social media kept the discussion on point in both instances. Those who control the dissemination of information can rule the world.

Twitter is getting ready to go public. People must be made aware of their practices before investing money in a company who censors the Constitutional Rights of Americans. Never in my life have I seen the blatant and utter disdain for the First Amendment as I have with Twitter.

@_AmansPatriae FKA @am_just_michael


I was prompted to write this because of my most recent interactions or, should I say, lack of interactions with the folks at Twitter. Never has it been my intention to take the day to day happenings of Twitter and write about it here.  Now it came down to the censorship free speech it seems apropos as to the Original Intent of the founding Fathers. On that note: Twitter has deemed it necessary to ban all of my Twitter accounts for what I can only assume is; Political content.  Since my last blog post. my account has been down more than up. Seems I’m a bit controversial as I tend to expose frauds. Who cares really if someone embellishes their resume’ or bloviates over their past experiences on Twitter…it is the out and out frauds I dissect…So I  write about them here, sans censorship, instead of just mocking them unmercifully on Twitter… This will be a multi-part, series.


Most recently I have taken on the joyous task of exposing con man,  Greg W Howard hereinafter referred to as #Jarhead . Now con man is a strong term but #Jarhead is a self proclaimed public figure who opens himself up to scrutiny…so I can have my public opinion of him and by God, I will share it. Let me preface this: He came at me first and never stopped. So let’s look at the military career of the man who now calls himself #Jarhead aka @USMC_Nightmare; Formerly; @GregWHoward. He operates a large number of accounts but his main *sock* account is @ResistTyranny.  Why the name change for this *public figure*? Seems #Jarhead was mocked so unmercifully that he changed his name and subsequently lost his own actual birth name to someone who created an account using that name so fast…well… #Jarhead should really call himself Bonehead for that move. OR maybe it was that he fraudulently gave out an attorney’s name claiming to be represented by him when in fact the attorney knew nothing about it and said so on Twitter…I called him to ask if he would accept service of the complaint…I digress. It was #Jarhead and a team of #opslam spam blockers who filed multiple complaints to Twitter claiming I had 100’s of accounts which were used to harass #Jarhead and his spam block minions (#HowardsCowards). Subsequently because of the lie,  Twitter suspended any and all  accounts associated with my IP address, without any investigation. That is ANYONE with a Twitter account for at least a twenty five mile radius. Fact. No supposition. No conspiracy theory. They just did it.  Twitter is, according to a tweet by Dick Costolo, Twitter CEO, going *Public*…I want you to ponder the social and political ramifications of Twitter’s actions.. i.e. suspending an entire block of people in one area. Back to #Jarhead: Seems he likes to hang his hat on his *illustrious* military career. Let me make this perfectly clear: I support those who serve in our military. I thank each and every one, gratefully, for their service to our Country. Simply put, because of my strong feeling and support for our military: when I run into a fraud such as #Jarhead, my blood boils.  As to #Jarhead, thank you for your service as a *Student Note Reader* in the USMC. #Jarhead claims to have served in the JAG Corp putting away the bad guys; and working on death penalty cases…either they omitted that duty on his DD214 or he’s a liar. #Jarhead claims to have earned a BA in Economics and Business from the Citadel in just two years! Again, either the USMC forgot to include this in his DD214 or he’s a liar. So what of a BA in  Business and Economics?  A rather detailed search of degrees offered by the Citadel, reveals that they offer only a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a required course in Macroeconomics. Things that make one go hmmmmm… how does a man who claims to have earned a Bachelors Degree from the Citadel mix up a BA with BS? OK Pun Intended. There are so many inconsistencies in his claims that it is amazing what his DD214, DOES NOT SAY…it’s ridiculous. Embellish his Military hitch?… OK…No Big Deal. Make it up; lie about it and claim to be a *decorated veteran*, well, it dishonors every man or woman who ever served this great Nation and he should be castigated for it. Lets be honest, Good Conduct medals and a Meritorious Mast  are just an *Atta Boy* for doing your job. They do not make you a *decorated veteran*  #Jarhead was awarded the Sharpshooter’s Badge. I will not diminish that.  So, what difference does any of this make?  Typically, I could not care less about it but here is a man who has purchased followers to boost himself up as to be some political, financial and economic guru … he had an immediate Fifty Thousand follower boost just weeks before the 2012 election. If you do an analysis on his account, there are spikes where he has huge follower gains.  Again, you may ask so what? OK. Here is the rub: About the time preceding that which this blog was started, I began being more vociferous about the political situation in this Country and I began to take issue with #Jarhead over some very radical statements he has made. He started a hashtag called #redflare which he claimed was a way to let people know if they were being attacked on Twitter. At the time, #Jarhead was switching in and out of an account @TheCypressGang  (TCG) whose primary was/is Brian Stephens. Brian also operates @p2_d_u now but was trading off with #Jarhead in that account until I called them out on it last April. Since #Jarhead left TCG, it went from stupid and mean to just plain mean and stupid but that is just Brian. During the #redflare days #Jarhead and TCG, using the flaw in the Twitter algorithm, would coordinate a mass spam block attack at a specified time thereby overloading the system and suspending the account being blocked. My account was suspended for daring to tweet to someone #HowardsCowards did not like. Next day TCG warned me not to tweet to another person and gave me the time my account would go down. It was right on the hour to the minute. Anybody who has a conservative voice on Twitter and takes issue with him is immediately deemed a *fake conservative* and/or a progressive infiltrator working for the OFA.  This action has started a battle that has gotten quite ugly. Started with #HowardsCowards D0Xing me, repeatedly…wrongly, I must say, but they sure made some folks lives miserable in the process. Quid Pro Quo, I have set those very same people out and they don’t like it much. Many of you who followed me have seen this unfold over the past year. Many of that group have had a falling out since the election but I still believe they team up to go at someone they want to silence. I believe that #HowardsCowards have figured out another flaw in the Twitter algorithm they have taken advantage of to do similar actions. I have done a number of experiments testing my theory and am firmly convinced they are behind many suspensions of Conservatives and they use the #opslam hashtag only not as overtly as they did with #redflare.  An example of this man’s lunacy: Man gets job with a prominent insurance company.  Man tweets about the company on his controversial Twitter account.  Man gets an ultimatum from insurance company: Give up Twitter or lose job…Man chooses Twitter. Man blames EVERYONE else but himself for loss of job.

Now, as an Originalist, I have no use for the mentality of most of those in power in Washington these days. I detest the current POTUS as a failed leader; not because of race or any of the usual diatribe associated with opposition to him. I believe his Socialist experiment is a failure and is driving this great Nation into a Depression. I wish he was gone, yet when someone like #Jarhead calls for the President of The United States of America to be HANGED from the Liberty Bell….know this, I am going to call the moron out for it. Liberal or Conservative, that is UN Patriotic and I’ll call ANYBODY out for that radical garbage, whoever they may be.

Evidence exists that there is someone inside Twitter who works for the Support and Safety Team that is behind the suspension of many accounts. A goodly amount come after the *TOS violator* has somehow mocked #Jarhead or one of #HowardsCowards. Now, I have been at #HowardsCowards for a while but there is no way I have done anything to have my accounts permanently suspended…Yet, here I am, my account and the two backups are gone. #Jarhead’s new tactic is to claim that one person has dozens of accounts used to mock him; he files a complaint against the person he wants suspended and lists any account that mocks him. Twitter employee then suspends the IP address of the one account trying to get the ones #Jarhead claims is being operated by one person and on down the line until they are gone. Anyone who has signed into an account from that IP loses their account. How do I know? They suspended my business IP to get to me;  anyone who signed into Twitter at that IP got suspended. It happened. No supposition. No guessing. Plain Pure Fact. Greg Howard claimed he filed a complaint and bragged about it. What else did they get? I maintain or did maintain accounts for a number of people who are retired, disabled and for a couple of businesses. I also maintained accounts for some young people whose parents did not want them interacting with the *wrong* people. So, one whiny ex-marine file clerk/stenographer gets mocked on Twitter for being a radical moron and dozens of people lose their right to Free Speech on a Public Forum.

 In Part Two, I intend to go into the social and political ramifications if Twitter is allowed to suspend entire blocks of the Country. #Jarhead in his whiny complaining caused some seriously wrong practices to come to light. I’ll give up a Twitter account now to make sure it doesn’t happen in the next election. In the meantime; follow my new replacement account @_AmansPatriae

Is the First Amendment Obsolete?

Is the First Amendment Obsolete? Could the framers of the Constitution have anticipated Movies, Television, Radio, Computers or the Internet?  Would even Benjamin Franklin have been able to envision the printing operations of the modern day Press? Would the framers have approved of  the information gather by the Federal government?

While the vast amounts of information available, at any given moment, can be considered to be a benefit; the rush to be the first to report leads to inaccuracies which are rarely corrected with the same tenacity. The harm caused by inadequate investigation and the justification thereof,  far exceeds the greater good.

Would our forefathers have approved of the way the Hollywood elites rewrite History to make it show *good*? Was that their goal of freedom of speech? The use of *film* to tell a story makes it look *real* to the uninformed. What about pornography in the film industry? The harm caused to children alone because of porn is immeasurable. The destruction of the nuclear family could never have been anticipated by the framers.

What of the internet? The abuses are unfathomable. The exploitation of women and children are endless. People’s lives are destroyed by people who have a minor grudge against someone. Why, any blogger or the like, can Photoshop a picture or falsify a text message…these things MUST be dismantled before all our children are destroyed. Why, the phone camera is one of the most destructive inventions ever… ask Anthony Weiner. Did the framers anticipate the platform of Television, the race-baiters are given? Did Thomas Jefferson imagine someone like Chris Matthews would…My leg tingles… OK I joke .

 Abolish the First Amendment? Am I nuts? Maybe, but I use the argument that the *media* and Gun Control advocates use to rail on the Second Amendment and those of us who are responsible law abiding citizens, using very overt actions to subvert our Constitutional Rights. Charles *Chucky* *Sunday* Schumer likes to say in one form or another *Those of you hung up on the Second Amendment… get over it. It’s a living breathing document subject to change*. *You don’t need an AK-47 to hunt deer*… No Chucky, we need the right to own an AK-47 to keep freedom grabbers from turning our Representative Republic into a 1940’s Germany or Russia.

Nope…when the anti-gun crowd give up their right to the First Amendment…. well no not even then…


PS: For the completely thick who don’t get I was demonstrating the absurd by being absurd, well…I am an Originalist who supports the Constitution as written